Introducing Navigator Lite: A New Navigation App Showcasing MapFactor SDK

March 27, 20241 minute

Introducing Navigator Lite: A New Navigation App Showcasing MapFactor SDK

We are introducing Navigator Lite, a new lightweight version of the renowned MapFactor Navigator GPS navigation app for Android.

Navigator Lite offers a selection of its essential features, including downloadable maps, door-to-door route planning, offline GPS navigation, intuitive search functionality, customisable vehicle profiles, alternative route options, and real-time alerts for speed limits and camera warnings.

Comprehensive feature list

The Navigator Lite demo app provides a glimpse into the functionality achievable with the MapFactor Maps & Navigation SDK for Android. This SDK serves as a valuable resource for developers seeking to integrate offline maps, navigation, and location services seamlessly into their own Android applications, with minimal complexity. It provides routing and navigation for all types of vehicles including

  • trucks,
  • cars,
  • buses,
  • emergency vehicles,
  • taxis,
  • delivery vans,
  • bicycles,
  • motorbikes, and
  • pedestrians.

Its flexibility and customisability presents opportunities to enhance applications across various sectors, such as logistics, telematics, transportation, fleet management, delivery services and others.

Areas to download - Mapfactor Navigator Lite Recalculating - Mapfactor Navigator Lite Alternative routes - Mapfactor Navigator Lite

About MapFactor

MapFactor has been developing navigation software and tracking solutions for more than 20 years. It is known worldwide especially for its navigation software Navigator for Android, Windows/WinCE and iOS, which has exceeded 50 million installs all over the world.