Release Notes


  • Map fragment
    • editing road closed for routing from map crash fix
    • MapFragment.getMapControls called after fragment recreation may return old fragment map controls fix


  • Map fragment
    • Head-up display implemented - call MapFragment.setHUDMode(@NonNull HudMode mode) to activate/deactivate head-up display mode during navigation
    public void MapFragment.setHUDMode(@NonNull HudMode mode);
    public @NonNull HudMode MapFragment.getHUDMode();
    • map controls visibility controller class moved from Map to MapFragment
    public @NonNull MapControls MapFragment.getMapControls();


  • Map
    • added button visible during navigation indicating currently selected navigation sound is silent
  • Navigation
    • callback when the silent navigation sound button is clicked added - app should respond by letting user to choose a navigation voice
    void NavigationStatusListener.onNoSoundButtonClicked();
  • Support
    • sending SDK logs file provider changed to include app ID to ensure the provider name is unique


  • Contexts
    • context parameter removed from majority of SDK interface methods
  • Settings
    • SDK persistent settings moved to private file
  • Licensing
    • get license expiration date method added
    @NonNull Calendar MpfcEngine.getLicenseExpirationDate();
  • Support
    • send log files method return value changed
    @NonNull SendLogFilesResult Support.sendLogFiles(@NonNull Context context);


  • Imports
    • data added via incremental import visible on map also in software renderer
    • incremental import user defined icon hotspot added
    void ImportsManager.createIncrementalImportCategory(@NonNull String categoryName, @Nullable String icon, @FloatRange(from = 0.0, to = 1.0) float hotSpotX, @FloatRange(from = 0.0, to = 1.0) float hotSpotY, @NonNull CreateIncrementalImportCategoryListener listener);
  • Search
    • search within incremental imports is not accent sensitive any more


  • Imports
    • crash fixes


  • Imports
    • data added via incremental import visible on map now in hardware renderer
    • creating incremental import category listener parameter changed
      void CreateIncrementalImportCategoryListener.onIncrementalImportCategoryCreationFinished(@NonNull CreateIncrementalImportCategoryResult result);
  • Search
    • SearchResultsListener.SearchErrorCode enum value added (FAILED_INVALID_SEARCH_RADIUS)


  • Imports
    • imports manager module created
      @NonNull ImportsManager MpfcEngine.getImportsModule() throws SdkException;
    • MCA file imports moved from AppDataManager to ImportsManager
      void ImportsManager.importFile(@NonNull Context context, @NonNull List<Uri> sourceUris, boolean overwriteExisting, @NonNull FileImportListener importListener);
    • incremental imports implemented - data is stored and can be searched, not visible on map for now though
      void ImportsManager.createIncrementalImportCategory(@NonNull String categoryName, @Nullable String icon, @NonNull CreateIncrementalImportCategoryListener listener);
      void ImportsManager.addIncrementalImportData(@NonNull String categoryName, @NonNull List<ImportData> importDataList, @NonNull AddIncrementalImportDataListener listener);    
      void getImportCategories(@Nullable ImportCategory.Type importType, @NonNull ImportCategoriesListener listener);


  • Navigation instructions
    • beep instructions voice type added
    • get instructions voice type method added
      @NonNull Type InstructionsVoice.getType();
    • retrieving available instructions by type - InstructionsVoicesManager.getInstructionsVoices type parameter added
      void InstructionsVoicesManager.getInstructionsVoices(@NonNull Context context, @Nullable InstructionsVoice.Type type, @NonNull InstructionsVoicesListener voicesListener);
  • Search
    • new POI category IDs added in 1.3.0 fix


  • Search
    • POI categories update


  • Map rendering
    • faster low resolution software renderer for large devices with high pixel density added
  • Info panels
    • satellites count info panel showing always zero fix


  • Navigation
    • possible unwanted stop of navigation after acquiring GPS signal fix


  • Search
    • adding search results to search history implemented
      void Search.getSearchHistoryManager().addSearchResult(@NonNull SearchResult searchResult);       
    • search within search history implemented
      void Search.startHistorySearch(@Nullable String filter, @NonNull SearchResultsListener resultsListener);       
  • Navigation
    • restarting SDK engines (e.g. after new map data download/delete) while currently navigating crash fix


  • Traffic
    • turning traffic avoidance on/off problems fix


  • SDK initialization
    • device activation possible crash fix


  • Initial release